Meet our team

Alexandru Muresan

It all started in communist Romania... my grandfather had the first business license after the fall of Ceausescu, my mom and grandma followed shortly after. I grew up training to be a dancer and spending nights around the dinner table counting money with my family. Before moving to the US at 15, I had won the Romanian Dance Championship.

In the US I continued the duality of art and business getting a degree in Economics and Dance from The University of Georgia.

After graduating I opened a trampoline gym, which evolved into a trampoline park, which I eventually sold, 3 days before the pandemic. [I've always been lucky] Other startups included a tech-fashion company, a flower subscription service and a mushroom supplement company.

When I quit dance for the last time at 25, I vowed to change the world so no other artist has to quit what they love because no economic structure exists to support that. I started an Artist Incubator [where I funded musicians, visual artists, fashion designer] but realized money isn't enough. There needs to be a sustainable transaction between artists and the rest of the world.

It didn't exist, so James and I are building it with Charge Social. Welcome to the creator revolution.

James Dobry

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