Empowering creators: Sell Your Content Effortlessly

Just create and post. We'll handle the rest, turning your creativity into income.

You focus on what you do best - creating amazing content. We'll do what we do best - getting your content sold. No more signing up for countless sites or cold DMs.

Monetizing your content is as simple as create, post, and earn.

In 2020, over 1.2B new content creators entered the market.

The current state of those creators:


Content creators


Creators who earn


Percentage who earn

Charge is changing that.

The Renaissance is here.

Imagine an app where the top content creators post quality content, support each other and sell their content to the right brands.

Create to Earn

Post content, earn points. Interact with posts, earn points. Supportive economies always win

Healthy Relationship with Social

Daily posts are limited for your mental health. See a limited amount of posts daily, then go touch grass

Your Voice Matters

DAO governance to ensure our vision is always creator-first. No ads ever. You own your data

The next generation of Artists and Creators will run the World.

Post high-quality content in an artist-driven ecosystem. Offer positive feedback. Earn rewards for being an active community member.

What's the plan?

Post and earn

Post your user-generated content or art and be rewarded

Quality Matters

The better your content ranks, the more you are rewarded.


We will airdrop $charge based on how much you've contributed to the World.


Our marketplace is where brands or users buy, sell, or license your content.

Want to help shape Charge?

For those who want to shape the future of artists on the platform, we have created a 10,000-person committee.

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