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Post great photos and videos you've taken. Our AI analyzes your content and matches it with brands buying authentic content.

A community for creatives to grow together.

Earn rewards and prizes based on how much you care about your community and your creative flow.

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Monetizing memories has never been simpler.

Enjoy your life. Make memories. Then get paid for them.


Nothing changes. You spend time shooting and editing content. Keep creating and post it with us.


The photos and videos on Charge get indexed by our AI. Then, we match it to brands that buy them.


Our agencies represent brands like Under Armour, Chanel, Montblanc, Raffles Hotels and more.


Our first focus is content creators, followed by artists and ultimately everyone who takes pictures.

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Joe M.

I just started posting here, but the community is very supportive so far.

- Rodrigo L.
David P.

Can't believe this app! I have thousands of pics just taking up memory... might as well try and sell them.

-Evan H.
Alan F.

The team helped me onboard and I just submitted for their first bounty. Wish me luck!

- Jo G.

Re-think your creative process.
Regain your freedom.

While you dance, paint or travel it feels great to capture each moment of the journey. The brushes you selected, the outfit you wore, the way you packed for that trip. You're being authentic and brands love that.

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